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Our Story

CourtneyDeery Heritage Consultancy is a company of qualified and competent archaeologists and cultural heritage consultants. The company was founded by Lisa Courtney and Siobhán Deery who have an in-depth knowledge of the archaeological requirements of Ireland’s planning process and construction industry. This ensures that the clients' interests are dealt with effectively and results are achieved while protecting, preserving and enhancing heritage assets.



Our expertise lies in providing specialist archaeological and cultural heritage services to planning, development and heritage related sectors. We provide high end consultancy services and present to and mediate with the relevant authorities with responsibility for heritage and development control. We offer our clients the benefit of many years of knowledge and experience in assessing developments and their potential to reveal cultural heritage remains. 

  • EIAR and Masterplanning

  • Heritage Planning and Advice

  • Consultation and Stakeholder Liaison

  • Impact Assessment

  • Test Excavation

  • Archaeological Monitoring

  • Excavation

  • Post Excavation and Conservation

  • Policy Review and Guidelines

  • Oral Hearing and Expert Witness Services  

  • Cultural and Architectural Heritage Services 

  • Signage and Interpretation

  • Desk Based Assessments and Feasibility Studies


We provide a client centred approach. Our consultants work directly with the client, architect, planner, community and project design team to provide heritage advice throughout the development and regeneration process. Clients are presented with advice in accordance with best practice. The company has developed a particular skill in articulating the nature and extent of potential heritage risk through a thorough knowledge of the cultural heritage resource and its material expression.

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