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Heritage Planning
and Advice

We identify the cultural heritage risk in forward planning and assessment and assist our client in the management of the risk through site evaluation at the earliest stages of development design (supported by field work, research, geophysical survey, archaeological testing, excavation and monitoring). 


CourtneyDeery has extensive experience and an excellent reputation in all key areas of heritage planning including input to the following assessment and plans

  • Environmental Impact Assessment Reports (EIAR)

  • Strategic Environmental Assessments

  • Strategic Infrastructural Development (SID) liaison, consultation and EIS compilation

  • Strategic Housing Developments (SHD), consultation with Heritage Authority, Local Authority and representation to An Bord Pleanála, Cultural Heritage EIAR / Impact Report compilation

  • Desk Based Assessment

  • Historic Landscape Characterisation 

  • Local Area Plans 

  • Conservation and Heritage Management Plans


Together with our project team of senior archaeological consultants we have the relevant experience and are significantly qualified for the purposes of cultural heritage risk assessment. Our advice to the construction/planning industry is pragmatic and focused. Early discussion with design teams can identify potential archaeological requirements and costs, leading to an early identification of the most cost-effective and timesaving solution. We ensure that such issues and solutions can be clearly presented to all concerned at the earliest stage of the in the planning process.

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